Project Scorpio will support FreeSync 2 and HDMI 2.1 VRR

Late last week, Microsoft unloaded a whole bunch of information about its upcoming Xbox One refresh, currently codenamed Project Scorpio. It turns out that the company was keeping one more tidbit of info back to make sure the console got the attention it deserved. Project Scorpio will support both FreeSync 2 and HDMI 2.1's variable-refresh-rate standard.

This is great news for both PC and console gamers. The support for FreeSync 2 in particular means that the console can make full use of a display's HDR color reproduction and Low Framerate Compensation. Right now, PC monitors are the only displays that support VRR, so anyone plugging Project Scorpio into an AMD FreeSync display will see the benefits of this technology first. This move by Microsoft means that a major piece of consumer electronics is now offering support for VRR, something that should help accelerate its adoption into more displays and presumably bring the cost of the technology down in the process.

For those who like playing older games, Digital Foundry reports that even Xbox One games and Xbox 360 games played through backwards compatibility on Project Scorpio will see the benefit of variable refresh rates. Project Scorpio doesn't have a price, release date, or even an official name, but this is one more reason to look forward to the console's release, whether you're picking one up or not.

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