Enter the TR Napkin Sketch Contest and win a Fur E case

I've got a fevfur, and the only prescription is more contest. Oh man, that was really bad, I'm sorry. I guess I used up all my "good" material in the Fur E review. What I'm trying to communicate here is that I have a silly fur-covered thing in my house that's just sitting around doing nothing but taking up space. Funnily enough, that also describes my real cats, but I'm keeping them. Anyway, I'm putting the Fur E up for adoption. However, any gerbil that wants to get their paws on it needs to prove they are worthy first.

All this could be yours...

How does one prove they are fit to own an anti-viral internet niche-meme? Why, by creating your own wacky PC hardware related invention, of course! Now, we're not going to ask you to actually build your invention. We have a more accessible option in mind than that. All you need to do is literally sketch your invention on a napkin, tag it with the date and your TR forum handle, and post a photo of your sketch in this thread in our forums along with a couple of sentences describing what we're looking at. Confused? Then I have good news, everyone, because The Professor has agreed to demonstrate what we're looking for.

Copyright 20th Century Fox

What's that? You don't want a shaggydelic computer case? Whatever, I guess there's no accounting fur taste. Fractal seems to understand you though. After all, it doesn't actually make cases covered in faux marmot. For the contest, Fractal is pitching in a Define R5 and a Define Nano S so that we can offer the TR staff's top three picks their choice of prize. First place gets first choice and so on. I'm massively curious to find out if the Fur E turns out to be the grand prize or the booby prize.

Many thanks to Fractal for supporting this contest

So, put some thought into it (but not too much) and post your napkin sketch photos in the forum thread by 11:59 PM CT Friday, May 12, 2017. The TR staff will announce the winners on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Rules and regulations
Sorry, but this contest is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec).

Our winners must claim their prize within 72 hours, or they will forfeit it and we will pick a new winner. Only one entry is permitted per person, household, or email address. Please don't try to game the system by creating multiple forum accounts. We'll probably disqualify you if you do.

TR reserves the right to disqualify entries that appear to be attempts to game the system or circumvent the rules in any way. The staff of The Tech Report and their immediate families may not enter the giveaway and are not eligible to win.

No purchase is necessary. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law. TR and our sponsors are not responsible for any taxes on the prize, damage in shipping, damage caused by using the prize with other products, or health issues such as repetitive strain injury, eye strain, chemical addictions, or allergies that may result from prolonged use of the prize. We may answer questions and offer clarifications of the rules in this post's comments thread.

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