G.Skill cranks Trident Z memory to 4333 MT/s

Faster memory doesn't help in every PC task, but a select group of programs and games seem to benefit more from RAM throughput than from just about anything else. Ask an informed Arma enthusiast what he has planned for his next hardware upgrade, and it'll probably have something to do with faster memory. G.Skill has launched the latest entry in its expansive lineup of Trident Z high-performance memory, targeted at those willing to pay the price for high bandwidth. The company's new DDR4-4333 kits ship with a pair of 8 GB modules for a total capacity of 16 GB.

G.Skill says the DDR4-4333 Trident Z kit is the first one on the market at that speed with 16 GB of total capacity. The timings are 19-19-19-39. The operating voltage is specified as 1.40 V, which is on the ragged edge of JEDEC's specifications for desktop DDR4 memory. The company says it validated the sticks' performance using Asus' ROG Maximus IX Apex Z270 motherboard and Intel's Core i5-7600K processor, suggesting that not all motherboards may be able to hit the advertised speeds for this memory. AMD Ryzen users shouldn't expect to hit that 4333 MT/s rate.

The company also says that it's working on 4400 MT/s and 4500 MT/s DIMMs. G.Skill says its fastest prototype modules boasted 55 GB/s read speed and 65 GB/s write speed in AIDA64. There's currently no pricing or availability info for the 4333 MT/s kit. We guess that more than a couple gerbils already have their eyes on a RAM upgrade.

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