Thermaltake Ventus X Plus Mouse keeps track of its user

Mice are a critical component of most gaming PCs. I would venture to say a portion of the TR audience would accept furry mice into their kitchens rather than give up the plastic rodent attached to their entertainment or productivity computer. Thermaltake's Ventus X Plus is made for the type of heavy user that would take that deal. The Ventus X Plus couples an Avago 9500 laser sensor with a Bluetooth module that allows stats-obsessed gamers to track performance figures like total distance, actions per minute, and number of lift-offs. The stats can be inspected using Thermaltake's Tt eSports Plus+ app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

The Ventus X Plus has a standard right-handed gaming mouse layout with two buttons on the left side and a DPI button behind the scroll wheel. The area where the user's palm rests is riddled with hexagon-shaped holes to provide ventilation for sweaty hands and a view of the illuminated Thermaltake logo inside the mouse body. The Ventus X Plus lacks the RGB LED lighting the company seems to be so fond of, relying instead on two red LEDs. The mouse comes with three optional 4.5 g weights, though Thermaltake didn't say how much the rodent itself weighs.

The Ventus X Plus' Avago 9500 laser sensor has 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI presets and the ability to track at up to an advertised 10,000 DPI. Thermaltake touts the mouse's Japanese-branded Omron switches and their 20-million-click lifespan. Photographs displaying the mouse's innards reveal that the switches are Chinese-manufactured.

Thermaltake says the mouse is an IoT device, though I think that moniker's reserved for gear that has internet connectivity via Ethernet or Wi-Fi like some of Thermaltake's Riing RGB fans. Semantics aside, the mouse uses an onboard ARM SoC and a Bluetooth module to track usage and transmit that data to a paired smartphone or Windows PC.

There's no official pricing info for the Ventus X Plus yet, but one Amazon Marketplace seller is already listing it for $50. The manufacturer backs the mouse with a two-year warranty.

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