Eizo Prominence CG3145 laughs at your display's contrast ratio

I have an LG 24UD58 10-bit 4K monitor that can reproduce 72% of the NTSC color space, and I'm pretty happy with it. My display's color performance probably looks downright pathetic next to Eizo's new Prominence CG3145 HDR Reference monitor, though. This 31.1" monitor is part of Eizo's Professional Color Management series, and can reproduce up to 98% of the digital movie DCI-P3 color space.

The CG3145 uses a 10-bit IPS panel with 4096x2160 resolution (DCI 4K) paired with what Eizo calls a "wide-gamut LED" backlight. Eizo has been making top-quality monitors for a long time, so we're inclined to take the company at its word when it claims the CG3145 can achieve a world-beating million-to-one static contrast ratio. To get there, itsĀ engineers had to equip the CG3145 with a backlight capable of producing an eye-searing 1,000 cd/mĀ².

The company claims the Prominence CG3145 is the first HDR monitor that is free of the issues resulting from the shortcuts that other monitors have to take to approach "HDR". Eizo specifically calls out the auto-brightness limiter used in OLED monitors, as well as LED backlight local dimming. Unfortunately, the company doesn't explain exactly how it achieved the CG3145's amazing contrast figures and excellent color reproduction.

Users can hook up to the Prominence CG3145 using one of its two DisplayPort or two HDMI connectors, although HDMI input is limited to 10-bit 4:2:2 signals. The Prominence also includes a USB connection for software control and a three-port USB 3.0 hub. Eizo hasn't announced a price for its new HDR monitor, but expect it to be in "if you have to ask" territory.

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