A pair of interviews...

VN Roundup has an interesting interview with Mr. Francois Garet of Hercules/Guillemot. The interview delves into the company's video and sound products on the subjects of support, physical build, and features.

AnandTech has an interview with VIA's Director of Marketing, Richard Brown. They discuss Hammer, integrated audio, the VIA Platform Solutions Division, and much more. I found this quote in particular rather fascinating:

We are strongly committed to fully supporting the AMD Hammer architecture, and believe that there are significant opportunities for VIA to add value as a chipset manufacturer to this architecture, for example through the development of an AGP controller bridging chip and continuous enhancements of the South Bridge.
An AGP bridge would have more uses than just connecting to Hammer based processors. It could bring about video card solutions like the Quantum X24 or even allow for dual AGP slots, perhaps for technology like the ill-fated PGC from Wicked3D.
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