Biostar shows up fashionably late to the Radeon 500-series party

AMD didn't bother with crafting reference cooler designs for its respun Radeon RX 500-series graphics cards, but that's not stopping Biostar from slapping the RX 480 cooler onto 500-series silicon. The motherboard and graphics card manufacturer has five different models based on AMD's Radeon RX 580, RX 570, and RX 550.

The only all-new models in Biostar's lineup are the RX 550 models, available with 2 GB or 4 GB of 7 GT/s GDDR5 memory. The GPUs in these cards have the usual RX 550 stable of 512 stream processors and a 128-bit wide memory bus. Biostar touts the cards' use of 100% solid capacitors and ability to comfortably run on PCIe slot power alone. The card wears a tidy single-axial-fan custom cooler and comes with a DisplayPort, an HDMI output, and a DVI connector.

Moving up the product ladder nets a pair of Radeon RX 570 options, both using 7 GT/s GDDR5 memory. The model packing the entry-level memory loadout of 4 GB comes dressed in an open-air assault-rifle-themed "FPS Cooling" apparatus with a pair of fans. Meanwhile, buyers who want an RX 570 with 8 GB of VRAM will get a card wearing something that looks a lot like AMD's reference cooler for the Radeon RX 480 and RX 470. Both cards have GPU cores with 1168 MHz base and 1244 MHz boost clocks for their 2048 SPs. They also use a single six-pin PCIe power connector. Display output comes by way of a port cluster with an HDMI port, three DisplayPorts, and a DVI output.

Biostar's sole Radeon RX 580 card comes decked out with 8 GB of 8 GT/s memory and a reference-style cooler. The full complement of 2304 SPs run at 1257 MHz when not boosting to 1340 MHz. Buyers will need to have a power supply with a free eight-pin PCIe power connector. This take on the Radeon RX 580 has the same port cluster as the RX 570s mentioned above.

Biostar didn't say when the cards would hit store shelves, but it did provide suggested pricing for them. The Radeon RX 550 should run about $80 with 2 GB of memory or $100 when decked out with 4 GB. The Radeon RX 570 with 4 GB of memory and a custom cooler will set buyers back $180, while the blower cooler-equipped 8 GB version will ring in at a more substantial $220. The top-of-the-line Radeon RX 580 is expected to fetch $250.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about this announcement is the return of Biostar as an AMD graphics card vendor. Judging by a look at the company's current and discontinued products, the last time Biostar offered a card with a graphics chip from the red team was back in the days of 2010's Radeon HD 6000 series.

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    • ronch
    • 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t exactly call Biostar late. It’s not like these chips have been out for months now.

    • NoOne ButMe
    • 3 years ago

    So, having blower coolers is good. Because having the option is good.

    But, could you have done something besides the underspecced AMD cooler?

    Or at least recolor it to look better. Like how the Radeon Pro line looks.

    • Demetri
    • 3 years ago

    Looks like they took a can of black spray paint to that 550.

    • DPete27
    • 3 years ago

    Garbage. Those cards don’t deserve to be on the market. I can’t see them cutting their profit margins enough to make these attractive over any of the significantly better coolers on the market for what? $10 more? Tops?

    • chuckula
    • 3 years ago

    In their defense, they got their sticker orders in ontime, but the machine got stuck on “4” and it took a lot of work to change it to “5”.

      • tay
      • 3 years ago

      You just can’t help yourself can you?

        • chuckula
        • 3 years ago

        Am I wrong?

    • Chrispy_
    • 3 years ago

    Wow, that is the most half-assed return to making GPUs!

    RX 580, with the old 480 reference cooler from the old parts bin. Bravo, use the already noisy and mediocre cooler on an even hotter chip with zero changes. That will be a joy to listen to….

    RX 550, nothing but the cheapest of aluminium extruded heatsinks. Meh, it’ll probably do for the 550’s sub-50W TDP so I guess I can’t fault it other than for being bland. It’s neither half-height nor single-slot – wasted potential given the most likely candidate of the RX550 as a bolt-in upgrade for off-the-shelf SFF PCs with often a single slot and often only half-height at that….

    Their RX570 epitomises everything that’s wrong with low-end open coolers at the moment. It’s all angular plastic, big logo and (questionable) style over substance. No backplate to protect the back of the card from typical CPU tower coolers though, yet more cheapest-of-the-cheap extruded aluminium on heatsink duty and you can all but guarantee that the whole sorry mess lacks heatpipes. Just pray that it’s not all hanging solely from the board via the four mounting holes around the GPU like so many of these terrible designs.

    Welcome back Biostar, please don’t just be another barely-adequate “me-too” board vendor, don’t phone in ALL your designs, and try not skimp on quality that affects the longevity or noise-levels just to save a few cents. I’m kind of amazed Powercolor are still surviving given how bad some of their mainstream products have been, so I guess even if you do suck there’s a market for barely-adequate and fractionally-cheaper :\

      • PBCrunch
      • 3 years ago

      For whatever its worth, Biostar has been making graphics cards with Nvidia silicon the whole time.

        • Chrispy_
        • 3 years ago

        Really? I’ve never seen one in Europe and If I search Newegg/Tigerdirect/MicroCenter in the US I also get zero matches.

        If they’re not sold in the US or EMEA, are they Asia only?

          • derFunkenstein
          • 3 years ago

          While they’re [url=<]listed on Biostar's site[/url<] I've never seen one in search results. Or wanted one.

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