Steelseries Qck Prism is a lit stage for your mouse

So you've got your keyboard, your mouse, your headset, and every component in your PC all bedecked in RGB LEDs. What's the next step? Well, your mousepad, obviously. The latest product of Steelseries' R&D efforts is the Qck Prism, a dual-surface mousepad with twelve-zone RGB LED illumination.

Steelseries compares the Qck Prism directly to the Razer Firefly, though we think the more apt comparison would be to Corsair's Polaris RGB mousepad. The Prism does one-up those two pads in one aspect, though—it has a reversible mousing surface. Qck Prism owners can choose from a hard plastic plate to glide their mouse over, or a textured cloth surface allowing for tighter control.

The pad's lights are powered by a USB connection. Thankfully, you can sync up the Qck Prism with other Steelseries Prism devices to avoid the mortifying faux pas of having mismatched colors on your peripherals. Both Newegg and Amazon have pages up for the pad, though it's still showing as out of stock. Never fear, though, for Steelseries has the Qck Prism RGB LED-lit mousepad available for $60 at its store.

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