id software talks about Ryzen

AMD posted up a video to its Youtube channel starring Robert Duffy, id Software's CTO. In the video, Duffy lavishes praise on AMD's Ryzen processors and speaks at length about how id's software performs on them—great, as we already knew—and also briefly about what's coming next from the company.

It's no secret the next game from id is Quake Champions. The game will be running on the next iteration of the company's "id Tech" engine. Duffy says that the upcoming version of the legendary game engine will be "far more parallel" than the id Tech 6 version powering Doom. He also says that id will be optimizing all of its software to make use of Ryzen CPUs' surplus of cores.

Duffy mentions AMD's upcoming Vega GPUs in passing too, stating simply that id is already optimizing for the new chips. Quake Champions is one of the first games to be developed targeting a 120 Hz refresh rate for "normal" gameplay. Hitting that target while maintaining all the eye candy we expect from a modern AAA fast-paced shooter will take all the optimizations id can manage.

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