Janet Reno roars: MS split-up proposed

The rumors are true, it seems. The U.S. Department of Justice is indeed proposing an arrangement that would split Microsoft into some number of smaller companies as a means of resolving the DOJ's anti-trust suit against MS. Check out the report at AOL Time Warner's CNN.com for more details, including this quotation from a Microsoft PR flack:
The company also said, "it is ironic that anyone would be talking about breaking up Microsoft at the time America Online (AOL) and Time Warner (TWX) did the largest merger in history designed to compete with Microsoft."
The man has a point, I suppose. How weird.

Word at AOL Time Warner's CNN has it the proposal may look to split MS into a host of competing "baby Bills" rather than into two or three larger companies. However, MSNBC is reporting that a three-way split is on the table. Pick your sources carefully here, folks.

I'm sure whatever terms of the final agreement are, there will be cash transfers from Microsoft to the nineteen states that have joined the legal action against Microsoft. Having gotten a taste of tobacco money, the state attorneys general no doubt want to sample the spoils of the high-tech industry, as well.

Feel for Bill and the gang? You could cheer 'em up by ponying up your hard-earned dinero for a Windows 2000 pre-order. It's a low, low $319 for Win2K Pro—a price that makes me cough up red hats.

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