EK machines a waterblock for the ROG Maximus IX Apex

EK Waterblock seems to be bent on producing a slab of machined metal for every high-end motherboard on the planet. That's not necessarily bad, though. The waterblock that the company is showing off today is the EK-FB ASUS M9A Monoblock and it'll fit the ROG Maximus IX Apex mobo. That overclocking-friendly board has a souped-up power-delivery subsystem that might benefit from being under water.

Like the Ryzen-cooling model we recently covered, this waterblock covers both the CPU and the motherboard VRMs. The slab is machined out of nickel-plated electrolytic copper, and the lid is made of acrylic glass. The clear acrylic shows that liquid does appear to reach all the important spots. EK promises that this block is a good fit for "high and stable overclocks," and that its design lets it be efficient even in conjunction with low-power pumps. There's no mention of RGB or LED lighting, something that'll deeply sadden more than few gerbils.

The EK-FB ASUS M9A Monoblock comes with the nickel-plated brass standoffs pre-installed and can be ordered from EK's online store for 120€ including VAT, or about $130.

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