Radeon 17.4.4 drivers rise for Dawn of War III

Just a week after the last release, AMD has another software update for Radeon users. The new version is predictably called Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4, as it's the fourth release this April. This update offers game-specific support for Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III, which launches today. There's also the usual package of patched-up problems.

Game-specific support for Dawn of War III means an up-to-7% performance uplift according to AMD. Not a huge boost, but it should help smooth things out for folks excited about Relic's new RTS. Fixed issues in this release include display corruption when using HDMI scaling, incorrect colors in Mass Effect: Andromeda's HDR mode, and system hangs after long uptimes on machines with Radeon RX 550 cards. Battlefield 1 shouldn't stutter anymore when playing in Crossfire at 4K resolution, either. AMD also fixed up a couple of issues with the Radeon Settings app.

Remaining known issues include an intermittent signal on some HDTVs connected to a Radeon RX 480 via HDMI, hangs in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare when task switching, and Wattman misbehavior on some non-reference Radeon R9 390 cards. Two long-standing FreeSync issues are still around, too: no FreeSync available for games in Borderless Window mode when other apps are running on the same monitor, and flickering in CS:GO and WoW.

Despite the changes in this driver release, AMD has marked it as "Optional." If you haven't updated in a while, or if you're just keen to purge some xenos, pick up the new driver at AMD's download page.

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