Intel document confirms that Xeons will come in Gold and Platinum

Rumors have circulated that Intel's next round of Xeons will shed their rather nondescript "E3" and "E5" model prefixes in favor of names based on luxurious precious metals. A document on Intel's website has confirmed that at least some upcoming chips will be branded as Xeon Gold and Xeon Platinum.

The document is intended to inform customers of subtle changes to the way that markings will be inscribed on integrated heat spreaders, but it also includes a list of model numbers of as-of-yet unreleased processors. The table lists 20 different Xeon Gold 6100-series processors are listed, with clock speeds ranging from 2.0 to 3.6 GHz. Another 14 Xeon Platinum 8100-series chips are listed with the same frequency range.

Core counts are not given, but according to Anandtech, the Xeon Gold chips will work in dual-socket motherboards, while Xeon Platinum processors can be used in four-socket systems. The rumor mongers at WCCFTech are reporting that the new Xeons will be available with as many as 28 cores per socket. We tried searching for some of the product codes in the list but we didn't find any useful additional details.

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