Asetek gets $600,000 from Cooler Master in AIO cooler patent spat

Ever since Asetek received a patent in 2012 for its all-in-one liquid cooler design, it pursued legal action against CoolIt Systems and Cooler Master, who both made similar products. In 2015, Asetek won an injunction against Cooler Master's AIO coolers and settled with CoolIt. The Denmark-based company has now chalked up another legal victory. Asetek announced that it was awarded and received damage compensation from Cooler Master in the amount of $600,000.

Following the injunction, Cooler Master stopped selling its infringing liquid coolers in the United States. Cooler Master avoided patent infringement in its subsequent products by using a clean-sheet pump design, as seen in the MasterLiquid Pro 240 and Pro 280 we reviewed last November.

The legal battle raged on, though. As expected, Cooler Master appealed the injunction. Asetek informs us that the Federal Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled this month in Asetek's favor, reaffirming the ruling from a lower court. With the injunction affirmed and the damages paid, it appears that this chapter of the five-year-long patent dispute has largely come to an end. It's still possible that Asetek might pursue legal action against other makers of AIO coolers, though.

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