G.Skill KM560 MX keyboard drops the numpad

If you're one of the folks who likes a big mousing surface for low-sensitivity gameplay, you probably also have a tenkeyless keyboard. If not, maybe it's time to consider one. G.Skill is ready to serve with its latest finger-exerciser, the KM560 MX Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

G.Skill hasn't been selling peripherals all that long, so this is its very first tenkeyless keyboard. Aside from the chopped right side this keyboard appears to be fundamentally identical to the KM570, which we first saw back in October. That means you get genuine Cherry MX switches (in Red, Brown, or Blue varieties), red-only LEDs under each key, software-less macro programming, and n-key roll-over.

The issue of whether or not the numeric keypad is vital to the typing experience is a divisive one. The removal of that block allows a keyboard to be much narrower, freeing space for a larger mousepad or a bigger mug of coffee. Of course, it also makes typing numbers that much more tedious. G.Skill says the KM560 MX is already available in Asia, and that it will be available in the US and Europe in Q4 this year.

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