Silverstone Vital VT02 could hold a Core i7 in under two liters

When we saw Silverstone's first Vital chassis at Computex last year, we commented that most of the Mini-STX enclosures we had seen were pretty similar. Fittingly, Silverstone's next Vital-series chassis is a bit different from its predecessor. The Vital VT02 is once again designed for motherboards in the Mini-STX form factor, but this time, the unit has room for a pair of 2.5" drives.

Two 2.5" devices may not seem like a lot of storage, but in a device that's under two liters in total volume it's pretty impressive. The Vital VT02 can also fit Intel's standard boxed cooler, so builders don't have to worry about shelling out for a low-profile heatsink. The case has USB Type-A and Type-C ports on the front, as well as your standard 3.5-mm headphone and mic jacks.

The actual dimensions of the case are 6.5" by 2.87" by 6.16" (16.5 by 7.3 by 15.6cm)—even smaller than a Nintendo Wii U. You won't be fitting a graphics card or a power supply in the VT02, but that's sort of missing the point anyway. Silverstone also includes a VESA mount for attaching the VT02 to a wall or the back of a monitor. Silverstone will sell the chassis for just $31.50, or 28.90€, when it goes on sale.

 Mini-STX is an Intel-driven standard, and as of yet, the only boards in that size are for LGA 1151 CPUs. AMD's upcoming Raven Ridge processors seem like an ideal fit for small form-factor applications like this, however, so hopefully some enterprising motherboard vendor steps up to the plate.

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