Avoid spills with the EK Quick Disconnect Coupling connectors

Have you ever built a custom liquid-cooling system, gerbils? If you have, you know that the stellar performance and sublime silence of such a setup tend to come at a great cost of effort and fuss, particularly when it comes time to clean the machine. Now, EK might have a way to ease some of that hassle with its EK-QDC connectors.

QDC stands for "Quick Disconnect Coupling", and it's essentially a hose coupling that automatically seals itself when it is disconnected. The idea is that you can use EK-QDCs in your loop to prevent from having to unscrew, seal, and re-screw your fittings every time you take the system apart. The connector comes with 10-mm barb fittings on both ends. We've seen these fittings before as part of EK's closed-loop offerings, but this is the first time the company has offered them separately.

EK says the couplings are "medical grade," and notes that they are manufactured by Colder Products Company (CPC). That company has a long history of making products for the medical, industrial, and food industries. It's actually a little surprising that it's taken this long for someone to bring CPC's wares into the custom PC market. EK is selling the Quick Disconnect Couplings for $40.25 each at its web shop.

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