LG 43UD79-B offers 42.5" of 4K FreeSync goodness

A professional-grade monitor doesn't have to be all business. What's the fun of owning a finely-calibrated, high-resolution display if you never load up a round of Civilization every once in a while? LG seems to have this kind of versatility in mind for its upcoming 43UD79-B display, a 42.5" behemoth with professional credentials and a few perks that gamers might enjoy.

It bears repeating that yes, this is a 42.5" display. LG brags that the display sports the biggest 4K IPS monitor panel to come out of the company's labs. With a static contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of up to 350 cd/m², the display checks off many display enthusiasts' boxes. We don't have much information on the 43UD79-B's color gamut, perhaps because LG has only released information about the monitor on its Japanese and Ukrainian sites. The company does advertise that the display will come calibrated from the factory.

So how about the 43UD79-B's gaming chops? Its 8-ms gray-to-gray response time is a bit longer than gamers prefer, but the monitor has a mode that can bring down this latency by outputting images without frame buffer processing. The monitor additionally supports FreeSync, albeit with a rather limited refresh range of 56 to 61 Hz.

The 43UD79-B can use picture-by-picture mode to display four different 1920x1080 images simultaneously. Accordingly, it has a lot of inputs. LG fitted two HDMI 2.0 ports, two HDMI 1.4 connectors, and a DisplayPort output. A trio of USB ports is along for the ride, one in Type-C variety. Thanks to DisplayPort Alternate Mode, the USB Type-C connector can also feed a video signal.

As it turns out, this mammoth display doesn't carry an equivalently large price tag. Interested shoppers can find LG's 43UD79-B display available for preorder at Adorama for $697. The display will arrive in Japan on May 19. LG has yet to announce availability for other regions.

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