Windows Insider Preview Build 16184 gathers your friends

Microsoft has released the newest build of Windows 10 to the Windows Insider Program's Fast Ring: the Preview Build 16184. The meat of this build comes in two communication-focused features, though there are a handful of other minor improvements.

First on the plate is My People, which Microsoft is hoping will make it easier for users to talk to the small core of people with which they communicate most. My People lets you pin frequent contacts to your taskbar and allows you to "view multiple communication apps together" filtered by contact. The feature is limited to three contacts right now, though it sounds like Microsoft may expand it in the future. When Microsoft says "multiple communication apps," though, it apparently means its own Mail, Skype, and People apps. It sounds like My People is going to be most useful to those who are neck-deep in Microsoft's ecosystem.

The other new feature has a much wider potential audience. Microsoft has enhanced to the Mail and Calendar applications for Gmail users. The enhancements will let Mail users do things like "easily tracking travel and shipping deliveries, making emails more actionable, [and] helping you track your favorite sports events." The improvements could make using the Mail app a much more appealing prospect for the millions of Gmail users on Windows 10.

A host of bug fixes and minor improvements ride along the new features. Most of the fixes, like a number of squashed bugs in the Start Menu, pertain to the OS itself. Not all, though. There's a fix for an issue "resulting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hanging during gameplay on the latest builds". Users having problems with DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live no longer working will be happy to know the functionality has been restored.

Microsoft is still working on a few issues like the Recovery option not working, or the Settings app crashing when the user navigates to the Windows Update screen. The whole list of fixes and issues is available in the official post.

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