Switch sides with Corsair's Glaive RGB mouse

Regular readers will know that I like a mouse with a whole bunch of buttons. Corsair's latest mouse isn't looking to please me, though—it's for players who want top-shelf performance without all the extra clickables. The Corsair Glaive RGB is an aluminum-framed six-button gaming mouse that continues Corsair's pattern of naming its mice after medieval melee weaponry.

Corsair says that the headline feature on the Glaive RGB is its ability to swap between three magnetically-attached side-grips. You can choose from a smooth plastic side, a rubberized grip, or a wide and curved rubber grip. The larger grips will be a little heavier, but some folks might prefer that weight or require the extra traction provided.

However, I think the real interesting part of the Glaive RGB is its sensor. Corsair says the new pointer comes with a custom-designed optical sensor developed specifically for the company by PixArt. Its designation—PMW3367—is awfully close to the PMW3360's model number and Logitech's customized version known as the PMW3366.

Corsair's sensor is pretty similar to those two in specifications, though while its cousins cap out at 12,000 DPI, the so-called PMW3367 reaches a nosebleed-inducing 16,000 DPI. That difference is probably academic, since most mousers will be staying down in the 800-to-1600-DPI range. That aside, I don't have any complaints about the PMW3360's performance and it's difficult to imagine that Corsair would mess up a good thing.

Besides the fancy sensor and interchangeable side-grips, the Glaive RGB comes with six programmable buttons (of the usual Omron variety), an aluminum scroll wheel, and of course, RGB LED lighting. You can customize the lighting across three zones, so if you'd like your mouse to literally be R, G, and B, you can do so. The Glaive is primarily black but can be had with its aluminum frame in natural or black-anodized finishes. Both versions are available now on Amazon for $70.

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