Radeon 17.5.1 drivers Prey on bugs

Just in case gerbils weren't aware that the Prey reboot is releasing tomorrow, AMD has a driver update out ready for the new game, right on the heels of Nvidia. AMD says the Radeon Software 17.5.1 should make Prey up to 4.7% faster on RX 580 cards when compared to the previous release. There's also CrossFire support for that title, a welcome feature for the multi-carded folks out there.

Prey concept art

AMD's driver team has also been fixing bugs frequently in the latest releases, and today's is no exception. Radeon Settings should now automatically update smoothly when that feature is turned on. Forza Horizon 3 drivers (heh) should no longer see graphics corruption, while Civilization VI players should stop experiencing crashes on systems with Hybrid Graphics configurations. Finally, owners of R9 390 graphics cards will now see their settings in WattMan actually do something.

The list of known issues still has a few touchy points. The GPU scaling options still doesn't work smoothly across all games, and Radeon Settings may crash when changing CrossFire modes. Some games in borderless fullscreen mode using FreeSync may experience issues when there are other games in the background on the primary screen.

If you have an AMD Radeon card and have read enough, click here to download the 17.5.1 drivers. If you would like to read more, click that link anyway and browse the release notes.

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