Intel 15.45 graphics drivers pick up a Warhammer

We cover new driver releases from AMD and Nvidia a few times per month, and review graphics cards bearing their chips on a pretty regular basis. It can be easy to forget that the lion's share of PC displays get their marching orders from the pixel pushers integrated into Intel's ubiquitous mobile and desktop CPUs. The graphics driver update du jour comes from the bunnysuits at Santa Clara and packs support for a couple of new games and fixes for a handful of problems. The Intel Graphics Driver for Windows version 15.45 is out now for the 64-bit flavors of Windows 10 and Windows 7.

The driver promises improved performance for Intel Iris graphics processors in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III and Titanfall 2. Some graphical anomalies should now be gone when playing the pre-alpha of Unreal Tournament or Doom under the Vulkan API, too

The release notes also say the new version corrects a problem that would deny a user access to the Steam folder. Intel says that applications should no longer move to the primary monitor after waking from sleep when third-party display EDID overrides are enabled. Streaming 4K Netflix requires a heap of hoop-jumping on PCs, but Kaby Lake systems that meet all the DRM requirements should use a little bit less power when binge-watching Lady Dynamite. Scrolling through a browser window when it's streaming a video should no longer cause screen flicker, too.

Eager gerbils can proceed directly to Intel's driver download page. The timid ones can check out the release notes before setting these bits loose upon their systems.

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