Upcoming Ryzen BIOS updates could improve memory performance

As we and other sites have demonstrated, using fast memory can result in a significant performance boost on systems with AMD's Ryzen processors. It can be a trying task to actually get your Ryzen rig to make use of fancy overclocker memory, though. AMD's AGESA microcode update seemed to help matters somewhat, and some users reported improved memory speeds after that update. Now we have word—by way of a Gigabyte employee's forum posts—that AGESA update is on its way with further improvements for memory compatibility.

Gigabyte rep Matt posted in the company's forums last Wednesday confirming that the company is working hard to use the new AGESA microcode in its BIOS updates to help improve its AM4-platform motherboards. The new updates should include fixes to IOMMU support, "soft brick" issues, and the ability for the CPU to enter lower power states when it's overclocked. Matt stated that the firmware updates would include AMD's latest AGESA microcode version However, last Friday he posted in the same thread correcting himself and stating that the AGESA update would be version

Either way, he says that the microcode update should enable access to "20+ memory registers" in the Ryzen CPUs' memory controller, and that the change should improve memory compatibility. It seems unlikely to us that these registers were actually disabled, but perhaps they were locked down and unavailable for modification. Matt says the BIOS updates for Gigabyte's boards should be available this week.

It's fairly safe to assume that Gigabyte isn't the only company readying BIOS updates with the new AGESA microcode. Asus, MSI, and all the other manufacturers are certainly working hard on new firmware as we speak.

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