VESA forms a SIG for virtual and augmented reality devices

With many virtual-reality headsets options already on the market, and Microsoft's mixed-reality devices potentially hitting the market later this year, consumers have no shortage of choices when it comes to immersive games and experiences. The folks over at VESA figure it's high time that somebody started worrying about interoperability and compatibility. To that end, the standards body has formed a special interest group (SIG) to explore standardization for the augmented and virtual reality market.

As proposed by Analogix Semiconductor, one of VESA's members and a manufacturer of DisplayPort controllers, the SIG will have several goals. It will look to establish a structure for AR/VR services, define the communication channels, and study existing standards to explore possible changes. As VESA already has the industry connections and a deep portfolio of standards, it should be well-positioned to help the emerging products in the AR and VR markets play well with each other.

The SIG is open and hopes to attract not only headset makers but also lens makers and "other types of providers not typically involved in VESA standards development." One can only hope that the creation of the SIG can help to standardize what's currently a nascent and fragmented market.

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