Gigabyte and Hercules: strange bedfellows?

Mark sent over this link to a short Digit-Life news post. The news piece shows a pictures of the Gigabyte GA-GF3500 and the Hercules 3D Prophet III Ti500, followed by a close up of a sticker on the Hercules BIOS. The sticker reads: GF3500TF-GH, which I interpet as Gigabyte GF3500-Guillemot/Hercules.

Earlier this spring the Prophet III arrived in stores and sold out very quickly. Rumors followed that Hercules had been blacklisted due to their support of PowerVR. Hercules stated that the rumor was not grounded in fact, but despite this the company was very slow to place more high end GF3 graphics parts back into the channel.

Is NVIDIA still punishing Hercules? Has there been a marriage between Gigabyte and Hercules in an effort to provide graphic products based on the chips that NVIDIA will no longer sell Hercules? Or is this pure coincidence?

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