GeForce Experience can now stream OpenGL and Vulkan games

As recently as a few years ago, getting a game ready to stream was a miserable experience. Now, both Nvidia and AMD are offering free, easy-to-use streaming utilities. Not every single game is easily streamable, though, and until today, GeForce Experience users could only record DirectX games. The latest update to Nvidia's GeForce Experience lets users record games using the OpenGL and Vulkan APIs, and it also boasts an improved user interface.

Practically, this update means the new version of Experience should easily stream titles like Minecraft and the Vulkan-powered version of Doom (2016), as well as games like No Man's Sky, Dota 2, and Roblox. However, GeForce Experience streaming still won't work with running on Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

Even if you're not streaming, though, you should notice some changes to the utility. The video and screenshot upload interface is now unified, making for easier switching between sites and services like Twitch and Imgur. The broadcast screen is getting the same treatment—Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube streaming are all handled through same screen. Updates to the Gallery screen will make it easier for frequent streamers to find past uploads and their accompanying URLs, as well as allowing them to jump directly to the relevant files in Windows Explorer.

Streamers looking to get in on the action can download GeForce Experience right here.

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    • havanu
    • 3 years ago

    I got Forza Horizon 3 to work by adding it to my Steam library. After that, streaming it with Nvidia Experience became as easy as manually adding the game to the list.

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