Opera browser is Reborn with integrated messaging

The lion's share of browser coverage around here seems to go to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with a hyena's helping left over for Mozilla Firefox. A meager market share never stopped the developers at Opera from throwing new features at the wall and seeing what sticks, though. The last round of feature additions included integrated VPN service and ad-blocking functionality. This time, the company has relaunched its flagship browser as Opera Reborn with baked-in support for a smattering of messaging apps.

The messaging integration was first demonstrated in Opera's Neon "concept" browser introduced in January. Neon and Opera Reborn offer users the ability to transition back and forth between web browsing and messaging. The browser supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. The three platforms can be selectively disabled, and keyboard shortcuts are provided for switching between them.

Messaging isn't the only new feature in Opera Reborn, though. The browser includes two interface color themes, light and dark. The window background wallpaper is also customizable. Opera says the whole interface has been refreshed with a focus on consistency across platforms. The built-in ad blocker has extra block list management options and automatically reloads a page when blocking is toggled, too. The company also claims that the new release uses GPU decoding for more web video formats than before.

For further information and download links, check out Opera's Reborn blog post.

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