Fractal Design Celsius S24 and S36 are CLCs with a twist

Hardcore custom-loop liquid-cooling enthusiasts tend to turn their noses up at closed-loop (or "all-in-one") coolers, but even they might want to have a look at Fractal Design's new Celsius lineup. The Celsius S24 and Celsius S36 use 240-mm (S24) or 360-mm (S36) radiators with integrated fan hubs and have standard G 1/4"-threaded fittings so that you can easily expand the loop to include a second waterblock.

Given that expansion capability, the Celsius coolers aren't closed-loops in the strictest sense. The hoses are permanently attached to 5th-generation Asetek waterblocks, though. Fractal says it uses "premium sound-dampening materials" for the construction of the copper-bottomed waterblocks. Meanwhile, the radiators use anodized aluminum fins.

The new liquid coolers offer two fan speed modes. The automatic mode has the cooler adjust the fan speed based on its own temperature sensors, while PWM mode takes fan speed instructions from the motherboard's CPU fan header. Fractal's included fans are from its Dynamic X2 family and should provide plenty of airflow without making a bunch of noise.

Buyers of the Celsius S24 or S36 can be assured it will fit on their CPU, since the new coolers support every contemporary desktop socket under the sun. That includes Intel sockets back to LGA 1366 and AMD sockets back to AM2 (not AM1, though). Fractal offers five-year warranty on these units. The Celsius coolers aren't up on US e-tail yet, but when they hit stores the S24 will ring in at $109, while the bigger S36 will cost just $10 more at $119.

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