Toshiba shows 64-layer BiCS flash running at Dell EMC World

Dell EMC World 2017 is wrapping up today. Among the announcements of note came the news that Toshiba is beginning to use its third-generation, 64-layer BiCS flash memory in real products meant for end users. The company was showing off an XG-series NVMe SSD at the show, and says it intends to migrate every SSD product it sells to the new technology.

Toshiba initially announced the new flash memory tech nearly a year ago. This third generation of Toshiba's 3D flash memory should let the company to cram up to 64 GB of storage on a single chip. The company claims that the new chips offer 65% higher density than its previous-generation 3D flash. The competition for "the most layers in a flash chip" is pretty hot, seeing as SK Hynix recently talked up its 72-layer chips.

Toshiba's SSDs in the XG3 line are essentially OEM versions of the OCZ RD400 NVMe drives that we're rather fond of around here. It's likely that the next-generation NVMe SSD that Toshiba was showing at Dell EMC World is simply an evolution of that product using the new BiCS 3D flash memory. Given the increased density afforded by 3D TLC flash, Toshiba's upcoming XG SSDs will probably come in very high capacities indeed.

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    • 2 years ago

    About time-Toshiba are so far behind with 3D it’s painfull.

    • xeridea
    • 2 years ago

    This the new N64? NAND64

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