Windows Mixed Reality gets motion controllers and a $399 bundle

HoloLens gear isn't widely known or at least talked about in the consumer space, but the mixed reality hardware and custom applications for it have apparently found a strong foothold in the corporate space. Microsoft still has a virtual eye set on the consumer space, though. Following in the footsteps of both Oculus and HTC, Microsoft has now designed a pair of handheld controllers for use with its consumer-focused Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) gear. Check out the video below to get a good look at them.

In an interesting twist, there's no need for extra tracking hardware like the Oculus trackers or the Vive lighthouses. The WMR headsets themselves include optical sensors that will pick up the position and orientation of the motion controllers, thanks to the array of lights encircling them. While the concept is convenient and simple, there's no telling what'll happen if the user's hands aren't in front of the headset. The controllers have trigger buttons, a thumbstick, and a circular touchpad.

That's not all, though. Price has historically been one of the main problems against widespread adoption of VR and AR gear in the PC space, and we suspect there may be a price war brewing. Microsoft announced today that it'll be selling a bundle with an Acer headset and a pair of motion controllers for the affordable sum of $399 at its Store. The headset alone goes for $299.

Alhtough the WMR headsets' tech specs don't match higher-end VR headsets, the bundle's price cuts deeply under the $600 that Oculus is currently asking for its bundle. Acer is also apparently only one of the multiple companies that Microsoft will be partnering with for Windows Mixed Reality. HP also has a $329 headset available for preorder.

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