The Humble Store Spring Sale will make your wallet cry

Building and maintaining a nice gaming rig is expensive. So much that when you get the thing put together you might not cash left for games to actually play on it. It's a good thing that outfits like the Humble Store have our collective backs. The Humble Store Spring Sale is on until May 25, and it has tons of games selling far below their usual prices.

Dungeons 2

The exact deals will be shifting over the course of the sale. 2K-published games like Mafia III and XCOM 2 are on sale with deep discounts this week. Bandai Namco's games are on sale for the next couple weeks, putting games like Dark Souls III and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ well below their usual prices. Pac-Man is just $3.74. The WB Games sale only lasts a few days, but all four of the Batman: Arkham games are less than $10 apiece. That list doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, either.

Your game budget is exactly zero dollars, you say? Well, the Humble Store has an answer for that, too. For the next day or so, Dungeons 2, a title from developer Realmforge Studios and publisher Kalypso Media, is completely free with no strings attached. The game would usually run you up $29.99. This Dungeon Keeper-style game won't stress your computer like DOOM, but it's not going to stress your wallet either, especially at its current price.

Grab Dungeons 2 before 12:00 PM PT on May 13 and check out the Humble Store Spring Sale before it ends at 10:00 AM PT May 25.

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