Sneak preview of NVIDIA's next chips

The Russians have hit the mother lode. The folks at iXBT Labs have scooped everybody, getting their hands on a whole bunch of inside info about NVIDA's upcoming NV15 and NV11 chips. I'm not sure where they got the info, but it looks like they have slides from an NVIDIA presentation and some technical white papers, judging by what they've included in the article.

Assuming this information is correct, the coming NV15 chip will be one hecukva performer. Here's a snippet about the rendering architecture's big advance:

The key innovation in NV15 and NV11 is the fact that each pixel rendering pipeline can now boast not a single texturing block as we saw in GeForce256, but two of them. This provides the so called "free" multitexturing, when two textures are superposed over one pixel and the general peak fillrate doesn't drop.
Given the way NVIDIA has executed in the past year, heck, these chips could nearly come to market by the time 3dfx's new Voodoos get there. Hmmmm..
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