PC-T70 is Lian-Li's most versatile test bench yet

Lian-Li makes a lot of computer cases, but as an overclocker, I think my favorites are the test benches. The company's latest ATX test bench chassis is called the PC-T70, and it can change from an open-air bench to an enclosed environment (not unlike a regular PC case) at a moment's notice.

A set of steel side panels screws onto the sides of the test bench, complete with filtered fan mountings. Then, an angled acrylic plate magnetically attaches to the side panels. This creates a fully enclosed space to protect the sensitive components on the bench. Lian-Li says the PC-T70 can simulate the inside of a standard case for heatsink and fan testing. Alternatively, the PC-T70 could be used to show off a high-end PC on a showroom floor.

Aside from its shape-shifting shenanigans, the PC-T70 is a standard ATX test bench. Power supplies and storage devices go underneath the motherboard, and the bench can take either a single 3.5" drive and five 2.5" drives, or two 3.5" drives and a single 2.5" drive. The bottom compartment of the chassis has room for a radiator up to 360 mm in length and mounts for other liquid-cooling hardware like pumps and reservoirs.

If you elect to use the side panels, the PC-T70 can take a quartet of 120-mm or 140-mm fans. USB 3.0 jacks and your usual audio plugs populate the front panel, which makes the bench a little bit nicer to use as an everyday chassis. On the other hand, builders using the PC-T70 as a test bench can even remove the rear trestle for completely unhindered access to the machine.

Lian-Li says the PC-T70 is available on Newegg for $190, although we couldn't find it in the shop yet. That price includes the T70-1 option kit that comprises the two side panels and acrylic cover. It's unclear if Lian-Li intends to offer the bench without the upgrade kit.

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