Swiftech readies Komodo NV waterblocks for the GTX 1080 Ti

We regularly write about the latest water blocks and accessories from EK Water Blocks and the legion of Asetek's all-in-one liquid cooler partners. It seems that we rarely flip bits related to Swiftech, one of the oldest outfits in the PC liquid cooling market. The company has expanded its range of parts with a pair of waterblocks designed for use with Nvidia's fire-breathing GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card, as well as other models based on Nvidia's reference PCB. The cooling specialist's Komodo NV-Eco and Komodo NV-LE full-coverage waterblocks are both CNC-machined from chrome-plated copper and acrylic but differ in aesthetic details like the cover panel and illumination.

When applied to PC components, the "LE" designation when applied to PC components often means a feature has been left out, but in Swiftech's nomenclature, the acronym stands for "Luxury Edition." The Komodo NV-LE is the niftier of the company's two models and comes with a black-anodized aluminum front cover, a similarly-finished backplate, an RGB LED light strip with a controller, and a PWM extension cable that allows attached pumps and fans to change speed according to the graphics cards' PWM signals. That feature should come in handy in systems with discrete graphics cooling loops.

The Komodo NV-Eco has the same block and housing design as the NV-LE but comes with a top cover made of the same acrylic material as a 1970's platform shoe. Optional accessories include a PWM extension cable, an aluminum backplate and a front cover, and an RGB LED strip with its controller. Buyers can pick the extra bits à la carte at checkout or add them later as "needs" and budget allow.

The Komodo NV-Eco water block is available now for $120. The optional backplate adds $30, the light strip another $12, the light strip and controller go for an extra $13, and $5 will buy the PWM cable. The Komodo NV-LE bundles the whole kit and kaboodle for $170.

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