Corsair T1 Race chair bolsters gamers in their most intense moments

A few years ago, Corsair was inside our computers. Then the company's products spilled onto our desks. Now, like a black, red, and yellow virus, Corsair's on the floor right beneath us. The company is getting into the gaming chair market with its new T1 Race Gaming Chair.

The T1 Race offers everything you'd expect of a solid computer chair, along with a racing-style bucket seat. The optional armrests can be raised, lowered, swiveled, or even moved backward or forward, giving them a bit more flexibility than the fixed units present on most office chairs. The chair's height is also adjustable, of course. For extra comfort and support, there are optional neck and lumbar pillows that can be strapped on. The seat can recline completely back, which might be handy if you need to sleep on it. I'll be impressed if this thing can actually stay upright with someone lying down on it, since it's not the heaviest chair around, weighing in at only 53 pounds (or 24 kg).

The T1 Race comes with black, white, blue, yellow, and red accents. The body of the chair is upholstered in black PU leather, and as The Verge notes, it's covered in prominent Corsair logos, thereby ensuring that it'll be easy to spot during eSports broadcasts. At $350, the T1 isn't the most expensive chair out there, but it's not a pittance, either. It does come with a two-year warranty, just in case you game that hard. The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair is available right now over at Newegg.

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