Cryorig's H7 Quad Lumi CPU cooler is slim, trim, and colorful

With heatsinks on RAM getting taller and flashier by the day, tower-style CPU coolers have had less space to work their magic. Cryorig's H7 Quad Lumi aims to provide powerful cooling performance while maintaining a trim and compact profile.

At 145 mm tall, the H7 Quad Lumi should easily fit into a wide variety of cases, including many microATX models. Even with the included fan, the cooler is also only 98 mm deep. That trim size means that the H7 Quad Lumi should mitigate any worries about RAM heatsinks interfering with the CPU cooler.

Cryorig did set out to make a compact cooler, but it also kept an eye on efficiency. The company built on the design of the existing Cryorig H7 and kept that cooler's unique fin layout. An extra heatpipe was brought in, and two of the heatpipes moved a little deeper into the unit's copper base. The company says that this arrangement lets it concentrate the heatpipes closer to the CPU's hot spots. Overall, these changes let Cryorig boost the H7 Quad Lumi's thermal rating to 160W, up from the 140W TDP of the regular H7.

And what contemporary CPU cooler is complete without RGB LED options? Users can select different colors for both the glowing logo atop the cooler and the lighting underneath the fin stack. Controls provided by NZXT's CAM software allow users to change these colors on the fly, set the LEDs to respond reactively to audio or case temperature, and make adjustments to the fan's profile. The fan only comes with white LED lighting, though.

Cryorig's H7 Quad Lumi is compatible with a wide variety of Intel sockets including LGA 2011. The cooler also includes hardware for AMD AM3+, AM4, and FM2+ systems. Cryorig plans to release this cooler worldwide in June, and it'll carry a suggested price of $60.

This article originally stated that the H7 Quad Lumi did not include an AMD Socket AM4 bracket in the box. The cooler is, in fact, compatible with Socket AM4 out of the box. We regret the error.

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