Parenting for the h4x0r generation

As the modern world seems to progress, we seem to lose more and more free time, despite the fact that incredible growth of technology around us is supposed to make our lives easier and thus spare us a few precious minutes. This frenetic pace seems to be further distracting our attention from items of greater importance, like spending time with our children. comes to the rescue with an important article detailing tell-tale signs that your child is turning into a hacker.

For example:

Most American families use trusted and responsible Internet Service Providers, such as AOL. These providers have a strict "No Hacking" policy, and take careful measures to ensure that your internet experience is enjoyable, educational and above all legal. If your child is becoming a hacker, one of his first steps will be to request a change to a more hacker friendly provider.
Wise words to follow, parents. I think perhaps the most important piece of guidance they give is this:
If your son has requested a new "processor" from a company called "AMD", this is genuine cause for alarm. AMD is a third-world based company who make inferior, "knock-off" copies of American processor chips. They use child labor extensively in their third world sweatshops, and they deliberately disable the security features that American processor makers, such as Intel, use to prevent hacking. AMD chips are never sold in stores, and you will most likely be told that you have to order them from internet sites. Do not buy this chip! This is one request that you must refuse your son, if you are to have any hope of raising him well.

Damn those nefarious third-would countries. Do they have no shame in their subversive tactics? A big thank you to Chris Tom for calling our attention to this riveting article.

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