LG's X Venture has a beefy battery and a heavy-duty build

If cars were like phones, most of the commercials on TV would show high-end sports cars and supercars, not the mid-range stuff. And if phones were more like cars, we'd see a lot more ads about LG's new AT&T-exclusive X Venture phone, a piece of hardware built to take a mighty beating and keep rolling.

Let's take a quick peek inside first. A Snapdragon 435 SoC powers the phone, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. The phone packs a 5.2" 1080p display and a respectable 32 GB of onboard storage, optionally augmented by way of a microSD slot. For your photography needs, the front has a 5 MP camera, while a 16 MP camera sits around the back.

The LG X Venture sports a beastly 4100 mAh battery. This would be pretty nice even in a top-shelf handset, as most of those phones pack batteries with capacities closer to 3000 mAh. Since the X Venture has much lower-spec hardware than high-end phones, it should offer truly impressive battery life. When the phone does wear down, Quick Charge 2.0 should let you crank the battery from 0 to 50% in just 48 minutes.

All the hardware sits inside a rugged case meant for withstanding real life rather than spending its life in an art display. The phone meets the IP68 spec for dust and water resistance. LG adds that the handset passed 14 different MIL-STD 810G tests for characteristics like temperature, shock, and immersion up to 1.5 meters. The phone is also dotted with physical navigation buttons and a customizable Quick Button that can be set to launch any app. By default, that button opens LG's Outdoor Essentials app with camping necessities like a compass and barometer. Double-tapping the Quick Button enables Glove Mode, which should allow the phone to better recognize swipes and taps made while wearing gloves.

While the phone is exclusive to AT&T, it has a pretty appealing price—just $11 per month over 24 months. That's a mere $264 all told. If you don't need the fastest phone and want one that will last for a while, the X Venture might be worth a look. LG says the handset should be on sale as we speak, though at the time of writing the official AT&T landing page for it still reads 'Coming Soon.'

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