Rumor: Leaked pictures appear to show Nvidia's next Titan card

Time to head over to the hardware store, gerbils, and pick up a truckload of salt. There are leaked pictures making the rounds of an as-yet-unannounced graphics card from Nvidia, and they're leading to all sorts of interesting speculation. The story goes like this: Reddit users noticed these pictures on the Facebook page of a purported Nvidia intern. There's even a picture that supposedly shows the man's Nvidia office badge, not that we would share such a thing here. In the Facebook comments, the intern reportedly used the phrase "Titan X Volta."

Source: Facebook

A couple things stand out about the card in the picture. The first is that it doesn't have SLI connectors. Instead, there are notches in the PCB right above the Titan logo. This suggests that the card uses an NVLink interface. Second, the gold-and-black color scheme on the shroud is similar to what Nvidia used for the Tesla V100, suggesting that it might be time to find a new nickname for the green team.

Speculation aside, it would be a bit of a surprise if these pictures do indeed show the flagship of Nvidia's upcoming Volta consumer GPUs. The green team released its latest Titan card less than two months ago. While the card in the picture certainly looks like it could be a shippable product, the timing suggests that it's far more likely to be a prototype.

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