Let's hope lightning doesn't strike FSP's PTM+ power supply

Liquid-cooled PC components are all the rage these days. There are CPU water blocks, liquid-cooled graphics cards, motherboards, and even SSDs on offer from a host of manufacturers. The extension of liquid cooling to the largest fan-cooled device in most PCs seems like a logical next step. FSP is the company taking that step with its PTM+ liquid-cooled power supply, co-developed with the liquid cooling specialist outfit Bitspower.

FSP says the PTM+ delivers up to 1200 W when operating on air, or 1400 W when connected to an open-loop liquid cooling system. Either figure should be plenty for ludicrous overkill systems with pairs of overclocked high-end graphics cards and power-hungry many-core processors. The company says the PTM+ can provide up to 600W without fluid flow or spinning up its internal fan, thanks to a squad of internal sensors.

The PTM+ is a PSU meant for high-end gaming PCs in 2017, so it naturally has fully modular cabling and RGB LED illumination. Exterior dimensions weren't provided, but the unit doesn't look like the sort of thing that will fit into a compact HTPC or mini-ITX case.

FSP didn't mention pricing or availability, but it did say the PTM+ would be on display at Computex at the end of the month. Hopefully more details will be available then, including information about safety measures.

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