Corsair Commander Pro takes charge of case fans and lighting

Between fan controllers, thermal sensors, and the standard system connections, tweakers already have too many wires to mess with. When you throw in one or more RGB LED lightstrip controllers, things can really get jumbled. Fortunately, Corsair has a solution for the ones who have everything: the Commander Pro system controller.

This little black box hooks up to a SATA power cable for power and a USB 2.0 internal header for data. It then provides its own hookups for four temperature sensors, six PWM fans, two LED lightstrips, and two more USB 2.0 internal headers. Devices connected to those headers can then be monitored and controlled through the Corsair Link software package.

Corsair suggests that the Commander Pro's internal-style USB headers can be used to hook up other Corsair Link-enabled devices, like one of the company's "i"-series liquid coolers or power supplies. The company also suggests using its recently-released HD140 RGB fans alongside the Commander Pro. Doing so will allow full customization of the lighting on those 140mm fans, which are otherwise limited to just three presets.

Buyers of the Commander Pro get a two-year warranty on the device. Corsair says it's available now, although we couldn't find it anywhere but the company's own website, where it goes for $70.

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