Acer's Predator Z35P is on the hunt for a high-end gaming rig

Our peripheral guides make it clear: we like variable-refresh-rate displays, and we think that any gamer who sits down in front of one will fall in love with the silky-smooth motion on the screen. Gamers looking for Nvidia's G-Sync technology in a premium package might want to take a look at Acer's Predator Z35P display, which puts the VRR tech into a curved, ultrawide package.

At 35", the Z35P is a big slab of pixels. It employs a VA panel with 1800R curvature and a native resolution of 3440x1440. While that's not quite as many pixels as one would find on a 4K screen, the display has enough real estate to display four documents side-by-side, and its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio should make games and video even more immersive. Gamers will appreciate its standard 100 Hz refresh rate, 4 ms response time, and 2500:1 static contrast ratio. Unfortunately, Acer didn't publicize the display's G-Sync range, though that's not usually a concern with the technology.

The Predator Z35P connects to graphics cards through DisplayPort or HDMI connections, and comes with a four-port USB hub. As with Acer's other Predator products, the monitor is aggressively styled. It's adorned with bold red highlights and a large Predator logo, and the back panel has a brushed metal finish. The Z35P is available now for $1100.

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