Cryorig Cu heatsinks are cool in copper

Teasers for next week's Computex event are starting to trickle out. The CPU-cooling gurus over at Cryorig sent over information about a new lineup of copper heatsinks affectionately called Cu, and an upcoming Cryorig R5 tower cooler. Let's take a look at the aluminum job first.

Cryorig says it designed its R5 cooler to offer efficient cooling performance in a slim profile. The cooler has two XF140 fans attached on either side of a single tower of aluminum fins, but the whole unit is narrow enough that it won't hang over the RAM slots. Six copper heat pipes transfer heat to the fin stack. Instead of a flat arrangement of heat pipes in the base, Cryorig uses a convex arrangement that puts the central pipes closer to the CPU. Cryorig also says that it will debut a new "Quick Lock" mounting mechanism with this cooler, though we'll have to wait until Computex to get more information on how it works.

Cryorig's upcoming Cu series of heatsinks seems designed to prove that everything old becomes new again. Hearkening back to the days of massive copper cooling contraptions, Cryorig plans to re-release many of its existing cooling designs retrofitted with copper fins. The first cooler to receive this treatment will be the low-profile Cryorig C7. Judging from the company's promotional materials, it looks like five other Cryorig coolers will be reborn in copper, including the massive R1 Ultimate. Nostalgia aside, Cryorig thinks these coolers will have a performance edge over their aluminum brothers due to the superior heat conductivity of copper.

Cryorig hasn't yet announced full details on the coolers, including release dates and pricing. More information is likely to be forthcoming after Computex next week.

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