Cougar Conquer enclosure makes the PC a centerpiece

Gaming PC components seem to gain more armor and protection with every product generation. Witness the proliferation of motherboard armor, metal-reinforced PCIe slots, and full-coverage coolers and backplates on graphics cards. However, the trend for cases moved in the opposite direction, with steel casing having given way some time ago to ventilation and viewing windows, and even grilles and glass sometimes being replaced by an absence of panels. Cougar's Conquer PC enclosure goes one step further in the direction of letting PC parts fend for themselves.

Details on the enclosure are thin, but the Conquer has an aluminum frame that holds an ATX motherboard at an angle of about 45°, allowing cables to cascade down to the case's supporting surface. The overall "deconstructed" motif is similar to that found in the now-defunct Mad Catz's RAT 1 mouse. Tom's Hardware has some info on the case, and says the side panels are made from 5-mm-thick tempered glass.

A total of five 120-mm fans can spin behind metallic shrouds on the top and front of the case. Cougar includes three fans with the case. According to Tom's, the enclosure measures 23" by 10" by 30" (or 58 cm x 25 cm x 76 cm). For liquid cooling purposes, the Conquer can reportedly take in two 360-mm radiators and a 240-mm unit. The case's strange orientation results in a generous amount of room for main components, too. Owners can use CPU coolers up to 7.5" tall (19 cm), graphics cards as long as 14" (35 cm), and power supplies up to 8.7" in size (or 22 cm).

Cougar didn't provide a lot of information about the Conquer, but said that the case will be one of many products on display at Computex at the end of the month. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event as it unfolds. Tom's Hardware says to expect the Conquer on store shelves by the end of June or beginning of July for about $250.

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