Enermax NeoChanger is both a pump and a reservoir

When I think about liquid cooling, Enermax isn't the first company that comes to mind, even though it's been selling AIO coolers for a while now. The company is probably looking to change that perception and is making headway into the custom-loop liquid cooling market with the NeoChanger pump-and-reservoir combo.

The NeoChanger's reservoir portion includes RGB LED lighting that can be configured using the included remote, or through synchronization with popular motherboard lighting control headers. The remote can also be used for controlling the pump's speed, which can be monitored using the digital readout on the front of the NeoChanger.

Enermax's new pump-reservoir combo comes in varieties with 200 ml, 300 ml, or 400 ml capacities. All models can be mounted horizontally or vertically using the included brackets. Fittings aren't included with the pump, so you'll want to provide your own in the standard G1/4 size. You'll be able to pick up a NeoChanger in June. The 200 ml cup will sell for $110, the 300 ml glass will go for $120, and the 400 ml jug will set you back $130.

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