Aerocool starts Project 7 with a flurry of case and cooling gear

Aerocool has been rapidly expanding its lineup of case- and cooling-focused gear for a while. Computex 2017 is as good a time and place as any for the company to show Project 7, its newest series of products. The Project 7 line comprises fans, a fan controller hub, cases, and power supplies. Let's take a look at each item in turn.

First off, we have the P7-F12 120-mm fans with RGB LED lighting and easily-removable blades. Ideally, you'll connect these to a P7-H1 hub—a unit capable of controlling up to five fans and delivering up to 24 W of juice. Those truly crazy about lighting can wire up to eight of these hubs, too. The P7-H1 is compatible with Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte motherboards for controlling the RGB LEDs on the fans. Aerocool says each P7-12 will go for $11, while the P7-H1 hub should set you back $25. There will also be a P7-F12 Pro bundle with the hub and three fans for $50.

Aerocool P7-C1 Pro

If the gear described above sounds interesting, Aerocool will happily sell you two cases with all of it inside. We talked about the P7-C1 before, so here's a brief recap: it's a mid-tower case with a tempered glass side panel and integrated RGB LED lighting. The new Pro version has a handful of tweaks and comes with a P7-H1 controller and three P7-F12 fans. There's room inside for two 3.5" drives and 2.5" SSDs, and there's 15" (37.5 cm) of clearance for graphics cards, or 16" (40 cm) if the fan in front is removed. Pricing for the P7-C1 Pro case is set at $165.

Aerocool P7-C0 Pro

Aerocool is also showing off the P7-C0 Pro variation. Although the company didn't publish many details on this model, judging from its looks it appears to be a smaller version of the P7-C1, probably with microATX mobo support. This model does come with dual tempered glass panels, and the forementioned hub-and-fans bundled. If you'd rather set up your own cooling solution, Aerocool will sell you the P7-C0, a version with simpler 10-color LED lighting and with no hub or RGB LED fans included. The P7-C0 Pro will set you back $140, while the simpler P7-C0 will go for $105.

Finally, there's the P7-650W, which is the first power supply we've seen carrying Cybenetics certification tags. The P7-650W has a noise rating of Lambda  A++ (the top rating), and an efficiency rating of Eta-B—that's between 88% and 91% overall efficiency, with over 75% efficiency on the 5VSB line, and under 0.2W of vampire power. The unit is also 80 Plus Platinum certified, in case you were wondering.

According to Aerocool, this PSU was designed in conjunction with the good folks at TechPowerUp and comes with Japanese capacitors and an RGB LED-lit fan. The color wrangling capabilities can be controlled with Asus, MSI, Gigabyte motherboards with the appropriate headers, or Aerocool's own P7-H1 hub. There are also 750W and 850W versions available. Those certifications are probably expensive, though—the P7-650W will set you back a whopping $210, the P7-750W will go for $230, and the bigger P7-850W has a $260 price tag.

Aerocool says all this gear will be available in June and will be visible at Computex 2017 in Taiwan.

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