HyperX Predator DDR4 kits dial in frequencies up to 4000 MT/s

With AMD's latest Ryzen AGESA coming in June and bearing the promise of an extended range of memory multipliers, it wouldn't surprise us to hear that owners of Ryzen processors might be eyeballing a memory upgrade. Or maybe some folks out there are checking the bank account to see if they can pull off a new build with one of Intel's Core X-series CPUs. Either way, HyperX just updated its line of Predator DDR4 memory with new kits capable of keeping pace with high-end processors from either camp.

The new Predator DIMMs are available individually or as part of thirteen new kits. Builders interested in raw speed above all else might take a look at HyperX's 16GB set of two DIMMs capable of hitting 4000 MT/s at CL19. Alternately, those who prioritize higher capacities rather than higher frequencies might consider the 128GB kit of DDR4-3000—keeping in mind that this particular kit has eight DIMMs. In addition to a variety of other sets, HyperX also sells 2400 MT/s, 2666 MT/s, and 3000 MT/s single modules with either 8GB or 16GB of capacity. Here's the full table for your perusal.

All of the new HyperX Predator memory kits and modules retain the familiar black aluminum heat spreader from the previous generation. Voltage is set at 1.35V across the board, and the memory comes with built-in XMP profiles. HyperX says these new products are available now, but we won't know pricing until listings start to appear at online retailers.


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