HTC and Intel cut the Vive's cords with WiGig

One of the most bothersome parts of high-quality VR is the bundle of cords tethering you to the host PC. As a result, we've already seen a couple of attempts to chop the cables from the HTC Vive. Yesterday at Computex, HTC announced that it's partnering with Intel to create its own wireless solution for the Vive, based on 60-GHz WiGig technology—also known as 802.11ad.

The 60 GHz band hasn't seen much use for general Wi-Fi yet, likely due at least in part to the fact that it generally cannot penetrate even thin walls. However, the room-scale VR experience seems to be a near-perfect fit for the technology. HTC says the tech works for multiple users simultaneously, providing "pristine" video quality with under seven milliseconds of latency.

HTC and Intel didn't say anything about when we'll be able to actually purchase one of the wireless kits, but if you happen to be at Computex, you can try it out at Intel's booth. If you're attending E3 in Los Angeles from June 13 to 15, you can check it out there too. The Vive team says more information will be made available soon, so we'll get it to you when we have it.

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