In Win wood like to show you its 806 and Cube A1

PC chassis designer In Win can usually be counted on to provide creative cases, like last December's X-Frame 2.0 or the circular robot-and-PC hybrid that's currently snapping pictures of Computex attendees. With its In Win 806 and Gaming Cube A1 designs, the company is standing out from the crowd with an unusual building material: wood.

Even the 806's large tempered glass side panel can't quite steal the attention from the wood panel that wraps around the front and top portions of the chassis. It's an ATX case, so that's a decent amount of material there, and the wooden surface is only broken by two screws on the bottom front and a metal I/O panel on the top. There's a bit of space between the wood panel and the body of the case, allowing for fan mounts on the front and top panels in addition to the back and bottom. PCGamer reports that In Win is debuting a new mounting system for tempered glass side panel, too. The system uses a pair of plastic knobs that snap into place, rather than the usual thumbscrews.

In Win's Gaming Cube A1 doesn't take the wooden concept quite as far as the 806, using a single flat piece of wood as an accent on the top panel. It's a Mini-ITX case limited to SFX power supplies, but its diminutive size will likely help it find a home on top of desks rather than hidden underneath them. Clear acrylic at the bottom of the chassis and some LED light strips give the impression that the case is floating. Air intake is provided by two 120-mm fans on the bottom of the case, and air is exhausted through one fan on the back panel and another on the right side next to honeycomb-shaped cutouts.

In Win hasn't released pricing and availability information for either of these cases. The company teased on Twitter that European buyers should be able to grab a Gaming Cube A1 sometime in June, though.

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