newscorsairs k68 keyboard doesnt care about coffee

Corsair’s K68 keyboard doesn’t care about coffee

Are you so accident-prone that your friends suggest you should star in an infomercial? If you fear buying a mechanical keyboard because coffee spills are a weekly occurrence for you, then Corsair has the product for you. The company's K68 keyboard marries Cherry MX switches with a water- and dust-resistant design to create what is likely one of the most durable mechanical keyboards we've seen.

The key to the K68's contaminant resistance appears to be "silicone rubber" shells that rise up from the base of the keyboard to mostly-encircle the keyswitches themselves. The Cherry MX keyswitches' cross-shaped stem protrudes through a gap in the shells, and a semicircular cutout allows the single-color LED backlighting to shine forth. With the keycaps in place, the K68 should be well-protected against typical spills, although obviously we wouldn't advise submerging it. Corsair says the keyboard passes IP32 certification, meaning it's resistant to dripping water.

Aside from the keyboard's improved durability, the K68 is fairly similar to Corsair's Strafe keyboard, albeit with a little less emphasis on gamer features. It has a Windows key lock, but there's no mention of macros or other programmability. That said, the K68 does support Corsair's Cue software, so it's possible that it may be customizable. In any case, you get large, separate media and volume control keys—no fiddling with Fn-key combos here.

Corsair already has the K68 spill-resistant mechanical keyboard available on its web shop, although we'd be very happy if you bought one from Amazon using this link right here. Either way, the privilege of not having your heart jump into your throat every time you bump a drink at your PC will run you $100.

Zak Killian

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